Robert Creeley


Robert Creeley created a new generation of poets by bringing about his own form of poetry which would create a more profound emotional experience that would forever be linked to his works. Working closely with Charles Olson, Creeley began creating his own unique style– a concept called “projective verse”. Creeley’s new poetic principle would shift the focus from history and tradition to personal experience. This new type of free verse broke from tradition and opened the door for a new generation of poets to emerge: a generation that would include beat poets such as Allen Ginsberg and others. Robert was living in San Francisco among Ginsberg, Kerouac, and the rest of the beat generation during the “San Francisco Poetry Renaissance” at the very heart of the movement.

Albert Mobilio states, “Creeley has shaped his own audience. The much imitated, often diluted minimalism, the compression of emotion into verse in which scarcely a syllable is wasted, has decisively marked a generation of poets.”

–Kendall Reasons



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