Michale McClure


Michale McClure, born in 1932, wrote plays, novels, documentaries, and above all: poetry. Part of the Beat Generation, McClure gave his first poetry reading alongside the iconic Allen Ginsberg in 1955. His poetry was a combination of many things including spontaneity, typographical experimentation, Buddhism, and body language. Like many others in his time, Michale’s poetry and other works pushed the envelope of what literature meant and where it was headed. One of his plays, “The Beard”, was viewed as obscene and was unsuccessfully brought to trial. He wrote numerous collections, and still performs his poetry frequently. Publishers Weekly acclaims “McClure infuses ecstatic direct address and colloquial diction with an exquisite sensibility, one that reveals the world in its ordinary complex gorgeousness.”



Picture: http://www.beatmuseum.org/mcclure/MichaelMcClure.html

~Kendall Reasons~


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