Kenneth Rexroth

ImageIndiana native, Kenneth Rexroth first was published in magazines starting at age 15. In his youth, he worked a number of odd jobs and traveled the country and eventually Europe. Once married, Rexroth settled in San Francisco in 1927 and began publishing poems in small local magazines. He also gained an interest in Eastern Mysticism and leftist politics. Soon, he was working with other poets to rescue poetry and support struggling artists. Kenneth spent the next couple decades writing about such topics as politics, the natural and the erotic, pacifism toward WWII, world religions, and the history of philosophy. By the late 1940’s, he was setting into motion the movement that would become the San Francisco Renaissance. He promoted poetry by bringing together notable poets of the time, eventually including Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, and other Beat poets. He organized poetry readings for these poets and even performed his own pieces with jazz musicians. His anti-establishment literature and his influential support of the Beat movement led to his being called “the father of the Beats”.



~Kendall Reasons~


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