Gary Snyder


A noted member of the “Beat Generation”, Gary Snyder is known for his spiritual poetry and prose which “blends physical reality and precise observations of nature with inner insight received primarily through the practice of Zen Buddhism.” Snyder is set apart from his fellow members of the beat generation because of his emphasis on metaphysics and the natural order. He finds inspiration in the Orient and the beliefs of Native Americans, and wholeheartedly supports the preservation of the natural world. Snyder affected and was affected by beat members like Kerouac, who modeled a character after Snyder and encouraged the focus on Eastern philosophy as opposed to Western. Just as the Beat Movement was gaining momentum, Snyder moved to Japan and spent 12 years studying Zen and traveling all over the Eastern Hemisphere. Alan Williamson wrote that Snyder’s work “suggests a process of meditation or spiritual exercise, clearing the path from temporal life to the moment of Enlightenment—the sudden dropping-away of the phenomenal world in the contemplation of the infinite and eternal, All and Nothingness.”



~Kendall Reasons~


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