A Little More on ruth weiss and “Jazz in Words”…

City Lights Bookstore turned sixty in 2013, and their celebration series featured a night about Women of the Beat Generation. In their blog, they give an excellent, brief bio of ruth weiss. Check it out below!

“Jazz innovator ruth weiss escaped Nazi Germany with her family in 1939 on the last train allowed across the Austrian border. She and her parents are the only the only members of her family to survive the Holocaust. ruth wrote her first poem at five and has not stopped since. Her work is shot through with the history of the Beat Generation and a stark and starting originality. Kerouac envied her Haiku and Poet Laureate Jack Hirschman says of ruth, ‘No American poet has remained so faithful to jazz in the construction of poetry as ruth weiss. Her poems are score to be sounded with all her riffy ellipses. Others read TO jazz or write from jazz, ruth weiss writes jazz in words.'”

Source: http://www.blogcitylights.com/2013/11/14/city-lights-at-60-women-of-the-beat-generation/


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